Umbrellas and sails 

Umbrellas and sails are used for protection from sun and rain.

With wooden umbrellas we can cover small or big terraces. They are very useful in windy conditions because of the construction, vents on the top of the umbrellas and weight. The installation can be adjusted to the location. When we are covering bigger areas, we connect the umbrellas with gutters. The biggest system of umbrellas on one leg is 8 x 12 meters (100 m2).

Aluminium umbrellas from Belgium producer UMBROSA are suitable for private or professional use. Some of the models can be mounted as a single piece or multiple umbrellas on one pole. They can also be mounted on the wall. The best possible ambient can be achieved by illuminating each of the umbrellas.

Aluminium umbrellas from Swiss producer GLATZ are suitable for private or professional use. They are made with Swiss quality.

The sails can be divided into three categories:

  • simple Ingenua,
  • on one leg Confort and
  • with multiple poles, for bigger terraces with the Xpension closing system.


  • By dimension
  • Tuuci
  • Umbrosa

    Something new under the sun

    Sun means life. The sun invites us to get outside. The sun seems to expand the world we live in. But when the sun shines just a little bit too brightly, you long for a place in the shadow. Parasol literally means ‘to keep the sun out’. An Umbrosa on the contrary creates shadow. It allows you to keep enjoying the sun.

    For both the residential and the project market, Umbrosa is not afraid to reinvent existing products. Our shadow creations stand out among the rest because of their shapes and functions. They are robust, easy to open and close and they require little maintenance. Their design is accessible and playful and always comes with a cheeky smile that helps break the dullness. They are just different. They are unique, just like you.

    Umbrosa is your guarantee for affordable luxury, durable Belgian quality and reliable functionality. Ingeniously made shadow creations as the ultimate finishing touch in your garden or on your patio.

  • Glatz

    Shaped by experience and sustained by vision – that is the essence of Glatz!

    It is not surprising that the Swiss sunshade manufacturer has a 117-year company history and is still as innovative as it ever was. This is partly because our founding fathers' maxim remains our philosophy today: keep your finger on the pulse and be ahead of your time!

    Glatz has always been conscious of its role as a pioneer. In 1895, Albert Glatz found a lucrative niche that went on to become a successful business under the leadership of his son, Albert Junior. Later, Dölf Glatz successfully developed technical solutions that found worldwide recognition.

    Now in its fourth generation, the company is led by Markus Glatz and has established itself as a leading supplier of sunshades and outdoor concepts for homes, gardens, hotels and restaurants in Europe and around the world.

    Umbrellas dimensions with central pole:

    ALEXO: R200 or R220 cm,
    PIAZZINO: R300, R350 or 300x300 cm,
    TEAKWOOD: R300, R350 or 330x330 cm,
    ALU-SMART: R200, R220, R250, R300 or 150x210, 200x250, 200x200, 240x240 cm,
    ALU-TWIST: R270, R300, R330, 150x210, 200x250 or 240x240 cm,
    FORTINO: R250, R270, R300, 200x200 or 240x240 cm,
    FORTERO: R350, R400, 200x300, 250x350, 250x250, 300x300 or 350x350 cm,
    : R450, 350x350 or 400x400 cm,
    CASTELLO M4: R350, R400, R450, R500, R550, R600, 300x400, 350x450, 400x500, 300x300, 350x350, 400x400, 450x450 or 500x500 cm,
    PALAZZO STYLE: R350, R400, R450, R500, R600, 300x350, 300x400, 350x450, 400x500, 450x550, 300x300, 350x350, 400x400, 450x450 or 500x500 cm,
    PALAZZO NOBLESSE: R450, R500, R600, R700, 350x450, 400x500, 400x600, 500x600, 400x400, 450x450, 500x500, 550x550 or 600x600 cm,
    PALAZZO ROYAL: R700, R800, 500x600, 500x700, 600x700, 600x800, 600x600, 650x650 or 700x700 cm.

    Umbrellas dimensions with side pole:

    SUNWING: R265, R300, R330 or 260x260 cm,
    SOMBRANO: R350, R400, 300x300, 300x400 or 350x350 cm,
    AURA: 350x350 or 400 x 400 cm,
    PENDALEX P+: R300, R325, R350 or 230x285 cm,
    AMBIENTE: R400, R450, R500, 300x400, 350x450, 350x350 or 400x400 cm.

  • Fim

    To shelter and protect from the sun, to create fresh, livable and elegant outdoor living space: these are ideas behind FIM’s continuing development of their line of outdoor umbrellas, combining functionality and design.

    With a distribution network that covers forty countries around the world, FIM’s production is based 100% in Italy. This choice is driven by a company policy that considers it essential to maintain the company’s identity, and to promote products made in Italy by giving them added value in terms of quality, service and image. In the design and production of its umbrellas FIM merges tradition with modern technology and craftsmanship.

    Materials used are innovative and of premium quality. For the structures, premium hardwoods, stainless steel and aluminium; For the covers, top quality acrylic fabrics, technologically advanced, waterproof and impermeable, designed to support the ultimate outdoor life style. Available in a colour selection that includes over 30 shades, thus lending itself to any taste and style, both for private and contract customers. The umbrella is no longer simply a tool to shelter from the sun, but becomes part of the outdoor furnishings. The design is modern and linear, focused on essential, clean elegance that adapts to any space. FIM products are built to stand the test of time: from the standpoint of intrinsic value -the materials used, the long life of the product line-, and from the point of view of usability - durable, solid and easy to maintain. Replacement parts are available for years into the future. FIM’s innovation and evolution are the keys to making their products user-friendly.

  • Wooden umbrellas