EVAPORATIVE COOLING - for good filling in cool air

Why it COOLS?

Water needs energy (=heating) to evaporate: for this reason, we must light up the stove to make it boil.
Imagine how much heat we need to boil and completely evaporate a cooker containing 1 litre of water: the same energy can be subtracted from the environment. Physicians says that we need 2272 KJ.

This system is in nature from the beginning of times: also we, when we overheated,we perspire, and with sweat evaporation we are able to keep our body temperature almost constant.

Why it does not WET?

If we throw the same litre of water into the environment, this would fall down to the floor, wetting it and evaporating in a pair of hours.

The secret is spraying the water through fine drops using special nozzles. In this way the evaporation effect is very quick and it happened before the drop is fallen to the floor.

For this reason is very important working at a high pressure: higher the pressure, finer the drops.

We need about 7000 billions drops of atomized water to create a litre of water...


The most important advantage is the economy of use.

If we use water from the aqueduct, spending 2 €/m³, to cool an area of 100 mq, we will pay:
- for water: 0,002 €/h
- for electrical energy: 0,01 €/h

Total: 0,012 €/h to cool a balcony of 100 mq.

The saving is significant also pre-cooling the exchangers of large systems refrigerators, so as to increase the efficiency of the refrigerators systems.

For this reason our system has been already rewarded with the NEXT ENERGY AWARD (fair of Milan) and has been object of research from university agencies.


Misting men: outdoor cooling, fire fighting, humidification, aromas...

Our cooling systems in civil cooling, humidification, fire fighting (watermist). Our misting systems have been installed for many years in private gardens, restaurants...

Misting used in industry: cooling, humidification, watermist, dedust

The misting is also for customers in the industrial field: cooling (foundries, plastic molding, steel industry, food industry...), humidification (cold storage, food industry...

Misting in Agriculture: use it to cool, disinfect, humidify farms

Water spray in agriculture: animal cooling in farms, disinfection of farms, odor reduction, humidification of the greenhouses and cold storage for vegetables...


  • KIT systems

    Systems that includes pump, prefabricated pipe with nozzles and holders for fixing the pipe. Just add the filter and the pressure reducing valve.

  • Pumps

    Pumps are producing from 70 to 150 bar of pressure. Pumps capacity is from 0,1 to 17 liters per minute. We can use it for private, HORECA, industrijy, agriculture or farms.

  • Pump accessories

    Compatible with all our high pressure pumps.

  • Pipes

    The pumps and dozzle holders you can connect with nylon, copper, stainless steel or multilayer pipes. You can also combine different tipes of pipes in one system. For example: From the pump to the first nozzle holder you can use nylon pipe and for other connections you can use stainless steel pipe.

  • Fittings and holders

    Connection fittings and nozzle holders for all types of pipes (inox, naylon, plastic and copper).

  • Nozzles

    Nozzles are available in different whole diameter from 15µm to 120µm. It is used with or without antidrip option. For different applications are made from brass or stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316.

  • Nozzle accessories

    Here are all possible accessories that you can add to the nozzles.

  • Water addon


    Lemongrass, geranium, eucalyptos and andiroba natural extracts mix, to protect naturally from insects. It's not an insect killer, but since its fragrance is not appreciated, it removes insects. 100 ml bottle is enough to treat 100 mq for 10 hours.

    NEWS: citronella extract that can be diluted into wather. Completely natural, you can put the quantity you like obtaining the wished concentration. Suggested diluition: 1/1000


    Wide range disinfecting: it kills both positive and negative gram bacteria, ferments, moulds, and many viruses. Not reactive with pipelines, not corroding. Indicated for domestic and farming environments.Temperature resistant, not deactivating in contact with organic residuals, it has a good environmental impact and low toxicity for mammals. Effective in 2 minutes, with a dilution of 1/20. The box is enough for about 1000 operations. It can be used also to periodically sanitize also pipeline.


    Its ecological formula encapsulates bad smells molecules and modifies them in order to neutralize bad odours. Thanks to its absorption efficiency, this product does not leave any stain or halos. Effective in 10-15 minutes. The box is enough for 20-30 applications, to be changed depending on ventilation condition and customer needs.


    Concentrated aromas for environments. The product can be water-soluble. It eliminates chemically bad smells and leaves a natural, enjoyable, persistent aroma.

    This offer include a bouquet composed of 4 fragrances, able to satisfy the most demanding customer. Every fragrance is characterized by an intense starting aroma, a central heart and a timeless background. A 750 ml bottle is enough to perfume 100 mq for 25 hours. This can change on customer needs.

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