Wooden umbrellas 

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    shape:round or squaredimensions:R 300 cm or R 350 cm330 x 330 cmflounce:not availableframe: 8 rods made of teak, pole with a continuous diameter of 48 mm, with a double pulley to facilitate easy opening.shade cover: self-tautening thanks to the flexible rod ends, available in materials:Class 2 (100 % polyester approx. 220 g/m²),Class 4 (100 % polyester...

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    Spring is in the airSpring, the first flowers that bud and the aroma of freshly-cut grass.Finally, time to be outdoors... the garden doors are wide open and a cool breath of fresh air enters our homes. The garden takes shape, coming to life with simple, natural elements, like the Haiti model.By means of an ingenious opening system, the umbrella rises up...

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    Here, time looks to have stood stillRimini is an umbrella where wood plays the star role.Optimised by works carried out by hand, just as once upon a time.The opaque finish creates the antique effect that allows the grain and natural movements of wood to transpire, stressing the aesthetic impact. Opens and closes very easily, with a double anodised golden...

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    Innovative, pure geniusWhen an umbrella is required above all to be versatile, the choice naturally falls to Rimini Telescopico, created precisely for those who need it as part of their business.By means of an ingenious opening system, the umbrella rises up above all the tables below, with no need to move everything beneath it when wishing to close it, as...

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    For those who love to surround themselves with unique items, timeless aeleganceThere are items that do not require many words to be described, a simple glance allows them to transmit those pleasant sensations of beauty and taste,... and one of these is our central pole umbrella Magestic, where brass and mahogany blend in the continual striving for quality...

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    When elegance transforms…Situations change, commitments change and Luxury transforms to make your ambiance unique, with a new, refined, utterly trendy look.Every context in which it is used will be perfectly optimised thanks to a traditional, yet certainly avant-garde object flaunting innovative, valuable finishes that grant it an air of captivating...

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    Simplicity reigns supremeThe elements of this umbrella come together without overlaying and without being too showy.The  is built from hardwood measuring 9,5 x 9,5 cm, treated for outdoor use with an impregnating agent and protective finish.For the Sparta LUX model, opening and closing takes place by means of a crank with 133 thread, stainless steel...

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    The art of woodNatural and noble, to give its best, wood requires scrupulous workings and treatments, tried and tested by tradition. We applies them to always guarantee the best. Quality of materials and excellent artisan tradition are the strengths of the entire production.Atene boasts support poles in solid Iroko wood measuring 95x95 mm, treated for...

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    The beauty of emotion is that it is within everyone’s reachYour life, your home, your garden: emotions to be experienced.That we all feel, that tell us how we are: authentic, original. Amsterdam LUX is an original, exclusive umbrella thanks to the origin of the certified raw materials and the artisan craftsmanship with valuable finishes.The posts...

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    More than a parasolOur products blend architecture with nature.We considers and lives nature with practical designs created in respect of the environment with an eye for detail shown through blends with wood, the oldest element of architecture.Our type of work allows for continuous product variants, following our customers’ creativity and needs, meeting...

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    No place more welcoming...There are many different ways by which to live and create an atmosphere... it can be created with fire, a guitar and a group of friends, it can be created with a mood, it can be created with a melody, it can be created with a perfume or memory, but it can also be created by surrounding oneself with special items, be they modern...

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    Light is the heart of design. Without it there is no glow, style or texture.For the first time, Umbrosa has introduced light in its range. The Etna is a portable and multifunctional LED light, able to be adjusted in multiple colors to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. Not only is the Etna fixable to almost any outdoor structure, it is completely...

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