200 x 200 cm 

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    shape:round or squaredimensions:R 200, R 220, R 250 or R300 cm150 x 210 or 200 x 250 cm200 x 200 or 240 x 240 cmflounce:not availableframe:6 or 8 rods made of aluminium, anodized natural, with a profiled pole and stepless height adjustment. Upper pole 38.4 × 1.2 mm – lower pole 35 × 1.5 mm, tilting thanks to the tilt joint.shade cover: self-tautening...

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    shape:round or squaredimensions:R 250 or R 300 cm200 x 200 or 240 x 240 cmflounce:not availableframe:8 rods made of natural anodized aluminium, 100 % inox, screws and rivets of high-grade steel, two-part profiled pole 38.4 × 2 mm, contrarotating opening system allowing for easy opening.shade cover: self-tautening thanks to the flexible rod ends, available...

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    Spring is in the airSpring, the first flowers that bud and the aroma of freshly-cut grass.Finally, time to be outdoors... the garden doors are wide open and a cool breath of fresh air enters our homes. The garden takes shape, coming to life with simple, natural elements, like the Haiti model.By means of an ingenious opening system, the umbrella rises up...

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    Here, time looks to have stood stillRimini is an umbrella where wood plays the star role.Optimised by works carried out by hand, just as once upon a time.The opaque finish creates the antique effect that allows the grain and natural movements of wood to transpire, stressing the aesthetic impact. Opens and closes very easily, with a double anodised golden...

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    The beauty of emotion is that it is within everyone’s reachYour life, your home, your garden: emotions to be experienced.That we all feel, that tell us how we are: authentic, original. Amsterdam LUX is an original, exclusive umbrella thanks to the origin of the certified raw materials and the artisan craftsmanship with valuable finishes.The posts...

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