Legal Notice

The right of withdrawal from the purchase and return of the goods

The seller reserves all the rights to approve the return of the goods to its own discretion on a case by case basis, except in cases where the buyer's location and the actual delivery of the goods takes place in one (or more) of the EU Member States and at the same time the buyer is an actual physical person, not a company or any similar entity ("EU Member States buyers").

For "EU Member States buyers", the seller recognizes the right of the buyer to withdraw from the purchase without even stating an explicit reason for such an action. In such a case the buyer has a mandatory obligation to first notify the seller in writing using a registered mail addressed to: sTorks®, PE Peruzzijeva ulica 97, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, no later than 15 days after the buyer has taken the delivery of the goods. The buyer is also obligated to cover all the return transportation costs, including insurance, with mandatory prepayment, otherwise, the seller reserves the right to refuse taking delivery of such items. If the return of the goods is not received within 30 days after the receipt of the notification of return, the seller additionally reserves the right to refuse to take these items back.

The return of the goods is not applicable for:

  • items which require installation,
  • items which were made upon the buyer's specification,
  • items which were ordered explicitly for the buyer or were a special order,
  • items which are damaged,
  • items which do not have original packaging,
  • items from which the security seal/label/plate has been removed.

In a case where an agreement between the seller and the buyer is reached for a return of the items which require installation, the buyer also covers all the costs associated with de-installation, transportation and warehouse handling/manipulation.


Exact warranty terms, including duration, are stated on the Warranty Card included with each product or on the Invoice itself. Warranty claims are only valid if all of the terms on the Warranty Card have been met in full and the copy of the Invoice is included with each claim request.

In case the warranty duration is not exactly specified, the buyer may contact the seller and request accurate information.

Protection of personal data

The seller undertakes to permanently protect all customer personal data. The seller will use the customer's personal data exclusively for order fulfillment (sending information material, offers, invoices) and other necessary communication.

Customer personal data will in no case be handed over to an unauthorized person. A customer shares the responsibility to protect its personal data from unauthorized use.


The seller reserves the right to communicate with the customers via means of distance communication, except in cases when customers explicitly request otherwise. Advertising electronic messages will be meeting the following criteria:

  • clearly and unambiguously marked as advertisements,
  • the sender will be clearly stated,
  • various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be marked as such; the conditions for participation will also be clearly outlined,
  • the way to unsubscribe and not receive advertising messages will be clearly shown,
  • customer's wishes to not receive advertising messages will be rigorously enforced.

Responsibility disclaimer

The seller is always putting in his best efforts to ensure the accuracy and promptness of all the data available on his web pages. Despite all these efforts, the product characteristics, pricing or delivery terms can change so fast that the seller is unable to update all the data available on his web pages immediately. In such cases, the seller will inform the buyer about the circumstances and provide an option for the buyer to change the order/item or, if that is not possible, to cancel the order.

Every attempt has been made to provide as exact photographs of the products as possible, but please note that they are symbolic and serve information purposes only. Photographs do not represent the characteristics of the products.

Complaints and disputes

The seller fully respects consumer protection legislation. The seller is always putting in his best efforts to establish and manage an effective complaints resolution system and to delegate a person with whom, in case of need, the buyer can establish a phone or e-mail connection. The buyer has to send his complaint in writing using a registered mail addressed to:

PE Peruzzijeva ulica 97, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija.

The complaint resolution procedure is confidential. The seller will confirm the receipt of the buyer's complaint within eight working days, and will further notify the buyer how long it will take to resolve the complaint. The buyer will be promptly notified as to the resolution of the complaint proceeds.