Statio PRO heating bar table, 700 W

Statio PRO heating bar table, 700 W
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power consumption: 700 W
protection: IP X4
design: Mikael Mammen
55 x 55 cm  110 cm

 6,5 kg

Description: Vireoo Café table with integrated electrical powered infrared heat. Intended to extend your outdoor season from spring to fall. Vireoo Private is fitted with an On/Off switch, aluminium feet and high temperature plastic tube (heat protective).

Heat specification: 
Vireoo is designed to heat 2 persons sitting on each side of the table, using a 700 watt short wave infrared heating bulb. The bulb is placed inside the leg of Vireoo, in a aluminium bipolar lamp house shielded by protective glass.

On/Off switch: 
placed on the side of the table leg

Heat protective grid: 
the grid in front of the heating lamp, is designed to be safe to touch

Adjustable feet: 
fitted with adjustable feet (3), which levels out the table when placed on uneven ground

Ventilation holes:
in the top of Vireoo (4) there are ventilation holes which keep Vireoo cool when in use

Power Supply: 
Vireoo is powered with 220 -240 V ~ AC 60 HZ

Vireoo Private is fitted with a 3 m power cable

Power outlet requirements:
 Mensa Heating’s products must be connected to a power outlet with ground (GND)

Bulb Rated lifetime:
 5000 - 7000 hours (changeable)

Surface finish:
 Chrome (foot/tube/grill), Colors Powdercoated (foot) full dyed plastic, (tube) Chrome (grill)


Vireoo is the eco-friendly outdoor heater which extends your patio-season way beyond the normal summer evenings.

Our heaters are the only one of its kind to have SAFE TOUCH, and thereby we see MENSA HEATING's products as the safest outdoor heaters in the world!
With its unique patent pending technology MENSA HEATING is able to provide products with SAFE TOUCH, which allows you to touch the heaters at all times. Thanks to Danish engineering, we have managed to invent this unique function, which has been carried out to all our models. 

We take all the time in the world to ensure that everything that bears the Mensa Heating name is tested to perfection. All products from Mensa Heating have SAFE TOUCH, this thanks to the Danish engineering behind the products. Mensa Heating has developed this unique function, and is therefore able to provide 100% safe heat throughout our product line, due to our patent pending heat protection.

Mensa Heating uses only the best lamps on the market (Quartz Short wave), securing 92% efficiency. And due to our unique construction of the bipolar lamp house, we can perform as similar to 1500W lamps, but only using 650W. This makes our heaters less expensive in running cost, and close to a third in the Co2 emission. 

Vireoo's heat source was specially designed to fit below the table, allowing the soothing warmth to spread up through the body. In order to maintain warmth for our vital organs our bodies automatically react to cold by reducing the flow of blood to our extremities, which is why our arms and legs are usually the first places to feel the chill. By making sure that your legs are nice and warm, Vireoo allows your body to circulate this warmth evenly and naturally.

Vireoo is Latin for 'I am green', which is no coincidence, as our product truly is the most eco-friendly outdoor heater on the market. Harmless infrared light is used to increase vibrations in the cells, which in turn heats up the body. Because the Vireoo's heat source is placed to optimize the body's natural heating system, the end result is a pleasant soothing heat throughout. And, to top it all off, the Vireoo has a significantly lower CO2-emission than conventional gas heaters, so there's really no excuse not to be outside!

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