Fittings and holders 

Connection fittings and nozzle holders for all types of pipes (inox, naylon, plastic and copper).


  • Pressfittings


    For more professional systems. Ultraflexible multilayer tube. Thanks to the triple layer, it is more resistant to temperature, abrasion and chemical exposure than traditional naylon pipes.

    Working pressure: 200 bar
    Explosion pressure: 800 bar
    Min. Curving beam: 45 mm
    Max. Temperature: 60°C

    To pressfitt the connections you have to use hydraulic pressfitting machine that generates the force of 50 kN.

    Pressfitting machine

  • Quick connection

    The quick-connection nozzle holders MGF are ideal for the realization of lines even very complex combining also pipes of different material, plastic and copper.

    To disassemble the connector, simply hold tight the ring nut and pull the pipe off.

    To assure the correct functioning of the connector, you must:

    - guarantee the ring nut movement, avoiding any frictions;

    - avoid scratches on the pipe or dirty on the internal o-ring.

    For copper and plastic pipes from 3/8''.

  • INOX AISI304

    Connections to tighten with ogive. Without held in rubber or plastic, ideals to realize a very resistant line to the different sollicitations, also due to temperature. Ideals also for systems in which it is necessary to satisfy HACCP requirements.