AirCleaner - Quick and easy work environment sanitization

AirCleaner - Quick and easy work environment sanitization
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Environmental disinfection is a very hot topic today. In fact, many customers and companies are looking for adequate solutions for environmental sanitation against COVID-19. More precisely we should say to prevention of COVID-19, which is the disease (acronym for Corona Virus Disease). And equally precisely we should talk about disinfection against Sars-CoV-2, which is the virus, of the coronavirus family, responsible for the infamous Covid-19 disease.

However, the sanitation of the workplace is an obligation of the employer that has existed for years, according to the provisions of law 81/08 (and previously 626). In fact, in the presence of a biological risk, the employer is obliged to implement adequate prevention and protection measures.

Technical characteristics
AirCleaner is a very high pressure professional sanitizing system, which allows you to atomise micro-drops of sanitizer evenly and without waste, and without excessively wetting the surfaces.
It is ideal for periodic sanitizing of workplaces, offices, public areas,...

dimensions: H1000 x 450 x 500 mm
maximum flow rate: 1 L/min
max pressure: 100 bar
tank capacity: 50 L
power supply: 230V - 50 Hz
current: 5.2 A
power: 750W
sound pressure: 83 dBA
protection: IP44

COVID-19: AirCleaner is effective in winning this war

While waiting for scientific research to discover a vaccine against COVID-19, we have two fundamental weapons to win the war against this invisible enemy:
- environmental disinfection. In fact, by sanitizing the environment the virus that may have spread through the droplets is eliminated,
- apply practices to reduce the risk of contagion. For example social distancing, washing hands often, not touching eyes, mouth and nose, and wearing protective masks.

Characteristics of a good system for environmental disinfection
AirCleaner environmental disinfection system: nozzle head detail
A good sanitizing system must first of all present a fine nebulization of the sanitizing product, the drop must have a diameter of 10um, therefore very fine, but not too much. In fact, in the presence of even finer drops, there is a risk of reaching the bronchi and lungs. This is why the high working pressure of 100bar is important.

It must also have a large tank to ensure all the autonomy needed to work in large environments. Thanks to this it will be possible to sanitize a production department.

A lance with sanitizer spray head and a flexible hose to be able to move easily within the offices.

A wide compatibility with the biocides and virucides used to kill this virus.

Biocides and virucides that can be used with AirCleaner
AirCleaner can obviously be used with all disinfectant products compatible with the technical characteristics of the machine.

We offer 3 disinfectant products:
- AlfaClean, broad spectrum biocide,
- CloreZone, water-soluble disinfectant based on sodium hypochlorite,
- PureFog, disinfectant based on sodium hypochlorite, but dermatologically tested and therefore usable in the presence of humans.

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