Terrace floorings 

Terraza, Paseo and Entero: flooring can be this beautiful and yet durable and practical as well. Terrace flooring from WERZALIT offers a true alternative to timber decking.

Long-lasting and durable
All product lines consist of the high-quality S2 wood-polymer composite (WPC), which combines the best properties of wood and plastic: natural wood look and long product life. The material is dimensionally stable, weather-resistant and resistant to influences such as cold, heat, acid rain, saltwater or chlorinated water, wood-destroying fungi and insects. The various surface types are slip-resistant and do not splinter or crack, making them extremely comfortable for walking on.
Colours from nature
WERZALIT terrace flooring lightens naturally but retains its original colour character. It is low-maintenance, very easy to care for and recyclable. With a wide range of different features, surface textures and formats, the comprehensive WERZALIT terrace floor selection is sure to live up to your personal expectations and requirements.

Key benefits at a glance:
- High-quality, natural wood look
- Great on bare feet, no cracking or splintering
- Weather-resistant, resistant to wood-destroying fungi and insects
- Slip-resistant, even when wet
- Easy to care for and low-maintenance
- PEFC-certified
- Recyclable
- 5 year warranty


  • Entero 2.0 solid...

    The profile with substantial advantages
    WERZALIT has expanded its already extensive range of terrace flooring with the new, entero 2.0 solid terrace profile. entero 2.0 is a long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to a wood terrace.

    The joint that is closed yet open
    entero 2.0 offers a unique feature among all solid terrace profiles. The tongue and groove system allows a visually closed terrace surface that still doesn't allow weeds to grow up or dirt to fall down through the floor. At the same time, the longitudinal joint also serves as a covered drainage joint.

    Drainage and load capacity
    A special fastening technique was developed that also guarantees a high load capacity: an invisible installation clip with flexible spacing tabs. In the area of the tongue and groove connection, this clip ensures sufficient joint spacing even at maximum expansion to maintain unhindered drainage of surface water. Even when installed without an incline, water can flow off easily - perfect for spaces around swimming pools (only with the smooth surface). When laying with the grooved surface, a sufficient incline is always required to ensure proper surface water drainage.

    Substantial advantages
    entero 2.0 solid terrace profiles can be worked as easily as wood. Closed edges always result from sawing, meaning that curves of all kinds can be realised in terrace surfaces without any additional cover profiles. The solid design and special shape permit a low installation height combined with a wide span width. entero is also very well suited for short installation lengths, such as narrow garden paths.

    Key benefits at a glance:
    - Visually closed longitudinal joints
    - Can be installed without an incline
    - Splinter-free, high-quality surface
    - Weather-resistant
    - No tropical wood used
    - Low-maintenance and easy to care for
    - PEFC-certified
    - 5 year warranty

  • Terraza profile

    Naturally beautiful
    terraza terrace profiles can be used with either side facing out. Both textures, fino with fine grooves and medio with wider fluting, are characterised by a very classic design and closed longitudinal joints.

    Simply clever: Convenient installation!
    The patented terraza profile click system guarantees easy installation with narrow or wide longitudinal joints, however you prefer. One unique feature: the longitudinal joints are closed! terraza profiles don't have open joints that allow dirt and food to fall down or weeds to grow up through the floor.

    Stable and strong
    With a load capacity of up to 500 kg/sqm, the click system also offers high stability for the surface, and the profiles permit wide support spacing of up to 600 mm.

    Price for square meter.

  • Terraza Tile

    Square, practical
    The square terraza terrace tiles offer an attractive alternative to profiles – especially as flooring on flat roofs.
    The tiles can be laid in the same direction, in an alternating chequered pattern or offset by half tiles.

    Terrace flooring with a practical dimension
    A convenient size of approximately 45 cm x 45 cm and the clever click connection make the installation work go quickly. Covered fasteners ensure a professional, stylish look. terraza tiles also offer solutions in places where profiles are unsuitable.

    Integrated drainage
    The top side of the tile is slightly convex for direct drainage. This allows terraza tiles to be laid without an incline, in contrast to profiles. For instance, they are perfect for accessible, sealed flat roofs or structures for which fastening to the sub-structure with brackets is not possible – no fastening to the sub-structure is required.

    Price for square meter.

  • Paseo profile

    Clear design
    Paseo terrace profiles present a clear design, keep free of flourishes or embellishments. Both brushed surfaces have a typical, natural wood look.

    Perfect for do-it-your-self
    The simple fastening technique with installation clips allows any knowledgeable do-it-yourself-er to effortlessly install Paseo profiles. And like all Werzalit terrace floors, the profiles can be worked as easily as wood.

    Natural character
    The Paseo terrace profiles can be used with either side facing out and are available in two attractive surface types: 'fino' with fine grooves and 'medio' with large grooves and an overlaid fine fluting. The additional brushing enhances the non-slip properties – even when wet – and lends Paseo a typical wood character. This clear style is supported by the open longitudinal joints. Paseo profiles are dye-penetrated and lighten naturally under the influence of weathering, but without losing their basic colour character.

    Invisibly yet solidly fastened
    Approximately 20 installation clips per square metre are required for fastening. They are attached in a practically invisible way.

    Perfect system, simple installation
    The system is so well-designed that even a capable do-it-yourself-er can easily perform the required installation work. More detailed installation instructions, including care information, can always be found at or obtained from a specialized retailer in your area.

  • Adjustable support
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  • 92,05 €

    The starting and end profiles must be cut to length at the installation site. Special lengths (rough cut) available on request.Surfaces: Brosso (brushed), Solco (finely grooved)3,6 kg/mlPrice for square meter.

    92,05 €
  • 95,47 €

    Entero 2.0 Plus with visually closed longitudinal and transverse joints.The starting and end profiles must be cut to length at the installation site.Surfaces: Brosso (brushed), Solco (finely grooved)3,6 kg/mlPrice for square meter.

    95,47 €
  • 80,43 €

    required quantity approx. 5,12 pcs./m2slip resistance according to DIN 51130 (work area with increased accident risk)Class R 12/V 10Slip resistance according to DIN 51097 (water-exposed barefoot area)Class C  (best slip resistance class) 45 cm   45 cm  3,8 cm3 kg/pc

    80,43 €
  • 79,46 €

    The starting and end profiles must be cut to length at the installation site. Special lengths (rough cut) available on request.Surfaces: Fino (finely grooved), Medio (with wider grooves).2,85 kg/mlPrice for square meter.

    79,46 €
  • 58,17 €

    Special lengths (rough cut) available on request.Surfaces: Fino, Medio2 kg/mlPrice for square meter.

    58,17 €
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