250 x 500 cm

Ciak umbrella
Incredibly smart, exclusive umbrella model that has a lot to offer. With the smallest lateral pole footprint and stability in its construction, it allows the usage of the vast areas and takes full advantage of your outdoor space.Ciak can be effortlessly opened and closed, suits a vast number of canopy sizes, and guarantees elegance along with convenience.Inspired by the historic city centers of Europe, Ciak is the perfect shelter for the authentic narrow streets.STRONG POINTSDesigned for narrow areas.Smallest lateral footprint.Light and easy to operate.
Gemelli Laterale umbrella
With two inward leaning canopies joined together on a lateral pole, Gemelli creates a large rectangular shadow that can cover up to 5x10 m. Not only is it easy to operate, but it is also strong and elegant.
Gemelli is a perfect choice for a durable umbrella that covers ample space as efficiently as possible. A simple and innovative model can also be referred to as an engineering masterpiece!
STRONG POINTS- Double umbrella for coverage of rectangular areas.- Rain gutter included.- Size up to 5×10 m.
Gemelli Centrale umbrella
This umbrella is the ideal solution for large outdoor areas and has everything your establishment might need: robust technology, high-quality materials, and modern design.The two canopies are set against one another and joined on a central pole, which leaves the surrounding area free for easy access.This symmetrical double canopy umbrella provides extensive shade footprint, providing comfort and elegance.STRONG POINTS- Double umbrella for coverage of rectangular areas.- Rain gutter included.- Size up to 5 × 10 m.
Gemelli Still umbrella
As a part of our Steel line, this model is built using robust stainless-steel for the pole, and zinc-plated, refined steel for finishing, delivering high-quality resistance, and luxurious clean lines.The pole can be made round or square. The two umbrellas can rotate 180° and follow the sun, providing an irresistible abundance of performance.Optional wall anchor makes it suitable for any environment, including luxury yachts. Combining sturdiness with maneuverability, Gemelli Steel represents an evolution of the proven base model.STRONG POINTS- Double Canopy with rotation feature.- Custom wall anchor made on request.- Rain gutter included.