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  • 1 800,00 €

    Fiesole umbrella is our enriched form of a traditional umbrella designed as a symbol of simple pleasure.With its unique combination of durability and convenience, along with its many customization features and signature linear line, Fiesole represents an umbrella with endless possibilities.Every Fiesole umbrella is customized to fit your precise...

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  • 3 590,00 €

    Kite is the new umbrella concept designed to fit all seasons. Made from materials that embody flexibility, resilience, and extensive strength, it is perfect for challenging winds and constant weather change.Its patented opening allows the heavy fabric to be tensioned, resulting in a specific curved shape of the canopy. If you want to use your outdoor...

    3 590,00 €
  • 1 900,00 €

    Incredibly smart, exclusive umbrella model that has a lot to offer. With the smallest lateral pole footprint and stability in its construction, it allows the usage of the vast areas and takes full advantage of your outdoor space.Ciak can be effortlessly opened and closed, suits a vast number of canopy sizes, and guarantees elegance along with...

    1 900,00 €
  • 2 850,00 €

    Arco features charming contemporary lines, with emphasis on the particular shape of the beam carrier. It has a specially designed arch made entirely from Iroko wood in our factory. Its lamellar construction ensures maximum reliability and durability.Every single component is designed to enhance its weatherproofing, without compromising its elegance. With...

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  • 2 590,00 €

    This medium size, lateral pole umbrella brings together operating comfort and technology by eliminating the central pole thus opening up wider shade space.360° rotation allows Talento to maneuver the shade with the continuous motion of the canopy.Versatility, reliability, and ease of handling place Talento in both private and professional environments...

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  • 2 420,00 €

    This prime model from our Steel collection is designed to provide all-day shade with a minimal footprint.The pole is made from stainless steel with a wooden or aluminum frame with interchangeable ribs. All steel components are zinc plated. Thanks to its stable construction and wind resistance, it can be fitted with a customized wall anchor instead of a...

    2 420,00 €
  • 3 380,00 €

    Mister has a grand lateral pole made from 14 x 14 cm Iroko wood or iron beam that can support the largest canopies with diameters of up to 600 cm in round format and up to 500 x 500 cm in square format, providing an abundance of shade.Nevertheless, this monumental construction stands firm in the wind, with an option of rotating 360°. Thanks to the side...

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  • 5 120,00 €

    Big Friend belongs to the timeless, stylish, and functional classics league.With enhanced features such as twelve reinforced aluminum ribs, patented opening system, stainless-steel bolts anchoring ribs to the “sliding crown” and 13 cm steel telescopic pole, supporting a range of canopy styles and fabrics, it is the essential umbrella that will stand the...

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  • 5 610,00 €

    With two inward leaning canopies joined together on a lateral pole, Gemelli creates a large rectangular shadow that can cover up to 5x10 m. Not only is it easy to operate, but it is also strong and elegant. Gemelli is a perfect choice for a durable umbrella that covers ample space as efficiently as possible. A simple and innovative model can also be...

    5 610,00 €
  • 5 610,00 €

    This umbrella is the ideal solution for large outdoor areas and has everything your establishment might need: robust technology, high-quality materials, and modern design.The two canopies are set against one another and joined on a central pole, which leaves the surrounding area free for easy access.This symmetrical double canopy umbrella provides...

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  • 6 210,00 €

    As a part of our Steel line, this model is built using robust stainless-steel for the pole, and zinc-plated, refined steel for finishing, delivering high-quality resistance, and luxurious clean lines.The pole can be made round or square. The two umbrellas can rotate 180° and follow the sun, providing an irresistible abundance of performance.Optional wall...

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  • 8 650,00 €

    A colossal umbrella that can not be overlooked. As advancement in the Multiple Canopy Line, this patio umbrella is the true feat of engineering. This special class umbrella, consisting of four canopies joined together on a single pole, is impressive due to its dimensions and stable construction.With its imposing appearance and sophisticated finishes,...

    8 650,00 €
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