325 x 325 cm

Fiesole umbrella
Fiesole umbrella is our enriched form of a traditional umbrella designed as a symbol of simple pleasure.With its unique combination of durability and convenience, along with its many customization features and signature linear line, Fiesole represents an umbrella with endless possibilities.Every Fiesole umbrella is customized to fit your precise specifications and it just might be your ideal solution for enjoying the outdoors. A true original!STRONG POINTSClassic model.Reinforced aluminum pole (56 x 3 mm).Easy to change ribs.Stainless Steel hardware.The double rope pulley system.
Talento Steel umbrella
This medium size, lateral pole umbrella brings together operating comfort and technology by eliminating the central pole thus opening up wider shade space.360° rotation allows Talento to maneuver the shade with the continuous motion of the canopy.Versatility, reliability, and ease of handling place Talento in both private and professional environments alike.STRONG POINTS- Medium sized side post umbrella.- Versatile.- 360° Rotation.- Wide range of anchor options.
Talento Steel umbrella
This prime model from our Steel collection is designed to provide all-day shade with a minimal footprint.The pole is made from stainless steel with a wooden or aluminum frame with interchangeable ribs. All steel components are zinc plated. Thanks to its stable construction and wind resistance, it can be fitted with a customized wall anchor instead of a base for maximum use of space.Simple, elegant, and versatile design coupled with powerful stainless-steel construction makes Talento Steel suitable for any environment.STRONG POINTSMinimalistic design.Wall anchor custom made on request.360° rotation.