About us

About us

sTorks® brand continues to grow its market presence since 2005. We continue our success story with complete solutions in the HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) industry, specializing in terrace equipment. Growing demand, a lot of successful projects and customers, convinced us to offer the same high-quality equipment to the private house and apartment owners, who are eager to have their terrace shining with high-quality garden furniture from well-established brands and durable low-maintenance flooring.

In addition to expert advice, we can also provide you with a 3-D drawing of your terrace and placement of the selected elements into the ambient. The exact measurements can also be done in order to assist you in selecting the best equipment possible. At the end of this process, the final offer is drawn, one that best reflects your needs and desires.

A team of our experienced technicians will make sure all the work is done properly and on time. We can offer everything that a comfortable and pleasant terrace requires, considering all the current design trends.

The first step in arranging a terrace is the flooring. The basic choice is between less costly natural materials and Siberian larch, a reasonably durable, but not high maintenance material.

An even better choice would be high-quality flooring from Germany's Werzalit® (Entero, Terraza, Paseo). This flooring is made of a special wood-polymer composite (WPC), which combines the best properties of wood and plastic: natural wood look and long product life. With almost no maintenance, but with regular cleaning, your Werzalit® flooring will be a long-lasting jewel on your terrace for many years to come (ten or more).

Another advantage of Werzalit® flooring is that you can easily walk bare-footed on your terrace, as there is no practical possibility of cracking or splintering, which is common with traditional wood flooring.

An important part of our product range is represented by misting systems (using water nebula), to cool the air in the HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) industry, agriculture as well as other industrial solutions. With a wide usage range, from basic misting outside for air cooling to the humidification control inside facilities, dust suppression and removal, insect control, aromatherapy, park attractions ...