Nothing beats the versatility of the human body. As a result, for the Paraflex, we let ourselves be inspired by the manoeuvrability and strength of the human arm. A space-saving solution, without a base and without a pole, which offers you the possibility to create shadow wherever you want it, by means of one, two or more umbrellas, according to your needs. The light and compact Paraflex offers maximum shade and is highly wind-resistant.

The Paraflex trump cards:
- flexible arm: shadow where you want it
- no base + no central pole => space-saving
- configuration according to your needs
- light, compact and strong


Designer Peter Leleu

In 1999, Peter Leleu conceived of the Paraflex as the solution for a problem that he was confronted with every day of his life... parasols that caught the wind and flew off. A practical, hands-on design that has proven attractive for both the project sector and private individuals. Peter currently heads up sales at Umbrosa.

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