400 x 900 cm

Trieste umbrella
No place more welcoming...There are many different ways by which to live and create an atmosphere... it can be created with fire, a guitar and a group of friends, it can be created with a mood, it can be created with a melody, it can be created with a perfume or memory, but it can also be created by surrounding oneself with special items, be they modern or antique, but which can in any case create a sense of wellbeing.That sense of wellbeing conveyed by the shade of a Trilune and, raising the eyes, you ask yourself just what mind could possibly have designed such a unique, innovative object, a single support for three large umbrellas that look to challenge the force of gravity.One of a kind, it gives that touch of originality to its surrounding environment that only Giardini Veneti products can guarantee, thanks to the artisan eye for detail and the very best raw materials used.And it is precisely its uniqueness that allows us to create a wealth of different settings that change throughout the day and with the passing of the seasons, designed to create ever-changing plays on light and colour.Our aim is to create your dreams, making your outdoor environment the place you miss, where you can listen to silence.The support pole measuring 20 x 20 cm is built from solid Iroko wood from FSC certified forests.