Ingenua sails 

Ingenua also offers an easy solution for larger surfaces.

Thanks to the ingenious sliding mechanism of the Ingenua, you can easily adapt the sail to the circumstances and the environment. The simple lines and modern shapes of the Ingenua are combined with an excellent performance in terms of wind-resistance.

The Ingenua trump cards:
- shade sail, in combination with the patented sliding mechanism
- resists high wind-speeds
- shade sail can be adjusted according to the position of the sun
numerous sail combinations


Pieter Willemyns came into contact with Umbrosa when he was finishing his design studies in 2007?.

His openness and creativity led to groundbreaking concepts in terms of shade-creation. He has since grown to become responsible for Design and Product Development at Umbrosa.

True to the company's strategy, Pieter wants to design products that are smarter, more creative, less complicated, and surprising. He wants to make shade like no-one has ever before.

Projects in video format:

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items