Misting system CREZA P650 KIT

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6 nozzles, 90° oscillation, three speeds. Possibility to modify inclination un to 45° from the horizontal.

Misting fan with shovels of high efficiency in degrees to guarantee high speed and air capacity. This realise a very good mixture of air/water and makes it good to use in spaces of big dimensions where it is necessary to reach important distances.

KIT includes:
1 selfstending fan diameter 650 mm
distance from pump to the fan: 20 m

We suggest to add the Pump connection KIT and 1 μm Filter.

Pump features:
water capacity: 0,2 - 1 L/min
power: 500W
max. current: 4 A
tension: 230V~ 50/60Hz
max. pressure: 85 bar
supply pressure: 1 - 2,5 bar
weight: 14,7 kg
dimensions: 370 x 200 x 210 mm

Fan features:
power: 230 W
crrent max.: 2 A
max. air capacity: 205 m3/min
max. water capacity: 0,2 l/min
weight: 12 Kg
dimensions: R 650 mm
protection: IP24
covered surface: Aproximately 60 m2
reached distance: Aproximately 7m
diameter blade: 650mm

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