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    Most of the times the customers select table base of their design and a tabletop of theri temperament, color and character.

    We offer tabletops from 2 famos producers Werzalit Germany and SM France.

    Their sustainability and diversity ranks technology Werzalit tabletops in perfect furniture for terraces, leisure, as well as for shows and events.

    All tabletops have a 2-year warranty for outdoor use and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


    Lastingly beautiful designs

    An inviting ambience is a key factor for a comfortable restaurant experience. WERZALIT table tops are available in an ample selection of decors and shapes to offer the perfect look for every taste. The patented manufacturing process ensures that they retain their beauty for a very long time.

    Attractive decors, impressive craftsmanship
    Sun, rain, ashes, acid and grease - table tops have to stand up to a lot, especially outdoors. Table tops from WERZALIT shrug off almost everything without a trace. They are practically impervious to mechanical, thermal and chemical influences.

    Easy to care for and hygienic
    The smooth, closed surface that is homogeneously pressed onto the wood material is easy to clean and satisfies the hygiene requirements of the professional food service industry.

    We recommend lighter decors for tables that are exposed to significant sunlight.

    Key benefits at a glance:
    Many modern decors
    Individual design solutions
    Stable and robust
    Seamless surface that is easy to care for acc. to DIN EN 438
    Weather-proof and UV-resistant
    Sustainable: PEFC-certified
    TÜV guarantee


    The finest in table design

    Tavilo table tops are dominated by clear shapes and sleek elegance combined with fine decors. tavilo means choosing individuality and quality - values that will never go out of style.

    Perfect for use outdoors
    The highly compressed material with especially durable, lightly textured surface is particularly suited for use outdoors. It is light-fast, weatherproof and highly scratch-resistant - tavilo table tops stand for durability and long life. To maintain their beauty, the tables should not be stacked and the surfaces should not be cleaned with abrasive agents.

    Key benefits at a glance:
    High-quality design
    Weather- and UV-resistant
    Heat- and ember-resistant
    Easy to care for and scratch-proof
    Thiknes is just 12 mm


    SM France tabletops are based on Weryalit patent.

    They are available in different shapes, dimensions and decors.

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