SMART INFO IP24 infrared heater

SMART INFO IP24 infrared heater
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protection: IP24 - protected against solid objects up to 12mm³, protection against water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permitted

color: white or silver
power: 2x1500W
consumption: 13A
bulb type: low glare
electric cable: 3 m, with standard Euro plug
curent: 230V/50Hz/1f
fuse type: C (slow)
bracket for installation

 9,5 cm 167 cm 14,5 cm

 7,5 kg

Heater and advertising
As informative combination of heaters and advertising, the SMART INFO series has two items with an illuminated info-field in the middle. Wether logo or name, the info-field can be printed individually.

Tube Heaters: Low Glarethe
new generation of lights 100% heat but 80% less light!

The new “Low Glare” heater series from Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH offers instant heat and an extraordinary candle-light atmosphere at the same time. The special coating of the lamps inside and outside filters and reduces light by 80% without loss of heat. In that way it creates a very soften light source, which does not influence existing ambience illumination on terraces and on balconies.

Low Glare products offer a convincing combination of very efficient infrared heat as well as perfect light reduction for a candle light atmosphere. In the gastronomy as well as at home, the new product series “Low Glare” is the new successful solution in the markets.

As of now optional available in the high quality heater series TERM2000, IP24, IP65 and IP67 as well as for all PERFECTCLIME heaters.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 4.