HEATSCOPE Vision white 3200W, IP44

HEATSCOPE Vision white 2800W, IP44
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protection: IP44 - protected against solid objects up to 1 mm³, protection against water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permitted

power: 2800W, 13,91A
front color: white
back color: white

basic version: ON/OFF + two manual switchable power stages (100% or 50%)

plus version: ON/OFF + three switchable power stages (100%, 80% or 50%) via IR- remote control

18,4 cm  166 cm   9 cm

 11 kg

curent: 230V/50Hz/1f

Energy efficient twin carbon heating elements with satin surface.

Patent pending reflector heating system with air conditioned back.

visible light: 300 lux
radiant efficiency: > 90%
max. heating output in < 5 sec.
installation height: 1,8 - 2,5 m
electric cable: 1,5 m
incl. accessories for wall or ceiling mounting

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