ST Confort pump - 1 to 6 L/min

ST Confort pump - 1 to 6 L/min
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To this pump you can install from 20 to 120 nozzles 15 μm.

Power pump unit ST COMFORT AROMAS is the most refined thing that is now available in the misting field. The supervision system iControl assures: silence, dripping absence, the maximum well-being in any environmental condition. No programmer to set up, no thread to connect.

All the system management operations become simple and intuitive: from the regulation of the threshold operation (let us do to a dedicated CPU the calculations on temperature and humidity), until the maintenance (water absence alarm, broken tube, oil substitution, cleaning filters…) The “Aromas” version allows also the amount and the aromas, essences and chemicals misting. The new design has been optimized for a simples maitenance thanks to its components and to reduce the dimensions (halfheight)

Pump features:
water capacity: 1 - 6 L/min
demanded power: depends on the capaility
power: 1500W
max. current: 14,8 A
tension: 230V~ 50/60Hz
pressure regulation: digital, automatic or manual
noisiness: <65 dB@1,2L/min
working pressure: 60 - 100 bar
supply pressure: 1 - 2,5 bar
protection: IP54
working temperature: 0 - 50°C
weight: 30 kg
dimensions: 620 x 280 x 260 mm


1. Silence
We have removed the cause of the noise to the source: the vibrations.
Only after having eliminated the vibrations, we have supplied to soundproof the pump.
For this we can assure you that the nozzle breath will be in a position to cover the noise of the pump.

2. Variable capacity from 0 to 100%
For us, variable capacity means from 0 up to 100%
The variable capacity concurs to pass through the single pump only the water that will arrive to the nozzles, consequently:
- the water will not be heated passing through systems of bypass more or less complexes to manage and hold;
- the system grows with the customer: acquiring a Pump, you will be able to vary the number of nozzles without any intervention on the pump;
- flexible system: you can control more areas with a single pump, without worrying on the number of the nozzles;
- Less wear of the mechanical moving parts: reduction of maintenance costs by reducing the number of mechanical parts and the reduction of their average speed.

3. No accumulate Tank
Thanks to a real variable capacity, we do not need an accumulate tank to the pump bypass service.
As it is well-known from the installators,that an open jar full of water is an ideal habitat for bacteria and fungi, that could then be “misted” in the surrounding atmosphere.
The circulation without an accumulate tank, guarantees elevated sanitary hygienic standards.

4. Pressure transducer
When the standard is a pressostate, we mount an electronic sensor of pressure from 0 up to 100 bars.
Thanks to this sensor, we succeed to carry out a constant monitoring of the job pressures, signaling to the customer:
- absence of water
- blocked filters
- broken tube
Simplyfying his life and reducing risks of breaks, floodings…

5. Dumping electrovalves and electricity supply
The supply electrovalve protects the user from leaks of water: in case of pump arrest, the income flow gets blocked.
The dumping electrovalve depressurizes the misting line to render instantaneous the valves antidrop intervent.
The dumping, included on the supply line, can be easily transformed in dumping in open air.

6. Reduced operating costs
The inverter system of which the pump is equipped allows to minimize energy consumption.
High working pressure, with nozzles, allows fine water spray reducing consumption. Also security valves help to reduce water waste.
For all these reasons, this product won the NEXT ENERGY AWARD in Milan Fair.

7. iControl (available on every single pump)
Icontrol: supervision system that includes: timer, thermostat, igrostat, index of management heat, chemicals amount, interface with the domotica, functions of maintenance,… (see also the following pages)
Thanks to the display, the operations are simple and intuitive and it does not demand any technical formation.
The connection to the pump does not demand any wire and it happens by means of standard ethernet cable.

8. Dosing pump (only for PC AROMI)
Also the amount of aromas can render more pleasant the misting experience: try to think to aromatherapy.
The amount pump, wired and integrated in the system for means of iControl, renders this experience even more pleasant and simple.

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