JUBILE corner light bar counter

color options: LIGHT WHITE (code LA)
material: LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene)/tempered glass
Production process: rotational moulding.
Resistant to extreme temperatures (-60°C to +80°C).
UV resistant (except for lighting colours).
High tensile strength.

Born from the experimentation JUBILE and JUBILE Corner bar counter are the two furnishing modular, versatile and innovative products that fit in the collection of display systems. Ideal as workstations reception and bar area, JUBILE corner bar is characterized by lightness, strength and strong visual impact, making them suitable for any type of outdoor construction.  It can also be customized with logos or images to obtain a unique and easy to identify.

 85 cm   85 cm  110 cm

 27 kg


Standard light KIT
black cable
wire length: 3 m
power: 2x Energy Saving Bulbs 25 W
base: E27
protection: E3 - IP55
diameter: 10 cm

RGB LED light KIT with battery

cable color: black
curent: 12V wall transformer
power: 10W
protection: E3 - IP44
diameter: 10 cm
accessories: power supply, IR remote control
specification: 10 fixed colors, shuffle effect.
battery runtime: up to 20 hours
charging time: 12-14 hours
life expectancy: 500 charging cycles

€991.60 (tax incl.) €991.60 (tax excl.)
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  • Standard for outside use 2 x 25 W
  • RGB LED with battery for outside use 10 W

  • Without
  • Glass
  • INOX

  • Without
  • Glass
  • INOX

  • NO
  • YES