BARADOOR light bar counter

color options: 110 transparent, 204 red, 5513 light blue, 150 azure, 662 green, 404 lilac, 612 yellow, 388 light orange, 822 orange
material: LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene)
process: rotational molding
UV protection: resistant to UV
tempereature: resistant to extreme temperatures (-60 to + 80 ° C)
100% recyclable

Imagine a plastic and sine wave turned into a counter, image to be freely able to mix it in different shake and colours, imagine to live and vibrate with the many different bright and lively colours and finally imagine to be able to fold it on itself to move it everywhere or put it aside. Baraonda is everything but more: the bar counter difficult to place in a specific category, as it stands out on its own.

33+57 cm   160 cm  110 cm

A revolutionary bar counter for outside to be easily turned into a perfect and convenient fixed counter for interiors. A unit structure designed to be professionally used, but flexible enough to be used elsewhere, from the most simple to the most complex configuration. An essential and elegant design, to be rapidly customized at ease. A foldable structure to cut in half any transportation and storage required space. And it is so innovating, the Baraonda Myyoour counter, that it is difficult to place in a specific category, as it creates a brand new one: the “Italian different concept” in its best expression. Two types of front units (bent 1 x 1 m and straight 1.60 m), unit side panels in two different depths, set to easily fit in any electrical appliances. What is more additional spaces and the possibility to fit a raised board, essential for a convenient and ideal working height inside and as a support outside. Working tops in three different sizes (narrow 300 mm, performing 600 and 900 mm) in waterproof wood to allow to easily customize it. Different optional attachments available, among which a cocktail station in printed and reinforced abs, a professional and ergonomic workstation to comply with the more expert bartender requirements, fittings to rapidly connect to the water and electric wiring, adjustable feet, optional castors, drilling fitting points to rapidly connect more counters and as an exclusive optional, an extremely sophisticated lighting led system: RGB technology with many light and colour change effects, fed by a unique socket. An installation which can be synchronized with more complex light station, as used in a disco. Finally a counter which can comply with any requirement, so flexible to be used, in its essential configuration, as a reception desk too. And finally its quality stands out: incredibly easy to clean and long-lasting thanks to the use of Polyeasy, the revolutionary plastic material exclusive used for all BARADOOR products.


LED white light KIT

curent: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
power: 36W
cable length: 3 m
protection: IP66

power: 28 W
protection: IP66
You have to add:
1x RGBW controller for first 5 modules or
1x DMX RGBW controller for first 5 modules.

RGBW controller
Control the first 5 modules.
Remote control included.
curent: 90-250V ~ 50-60Hz
power: 200 W
protection: IP66

DMX RGBW LED controller
Control the first 5 modules.
Managed by an electronic device, for example a computer.
curent: 90-250V ~ 50-60Hz
protection: IP20

Working area 30 or 60 cm

Veneered laminate white.
Laminated plated fire-resistant chipboard.
With an ABS border.
Resistance to fire.
Includes also: Side panels: GS Poleasy with excellent mechanical properties, uv stabilized for outdoor applications. It is lacking 99% of surface porosity. LV: Poleasy ® structure with a glossy enamelled coat.


Sink in stainless steel including the front covering panel.
Includes also: working area 60 cm with whole and side panels 60 cm.

Tap and sink

Single lever mixer, with a long lever for sink with removable shower arm.
Includes also: sink, working area 60 cm with whole and side panels 60 cm.


Stainless steel, temperature 0°/+8° C
To complete this refregerator unit you need to add the working area 60 cm.

Coctail station

Glossy anti-bacteri methacrylate ABS with polyurethane foam.
To complete this coctail station you need to add the working area 60 cm.

Shelves 30 or 60 cm

Veneered laminate white.
Laminated plated fire-resistant chipboard.
With an ABS border.
Resistance to fire.

Wheels KIT

4 unidirectional castors with brake and rubber wheel.

Rolo curtain

PVC (LS) with handle.
Made in crash-proof PVC.

Illuminate colors

Basic colors

Glossy colors

Oxidized colors

€1,281.00 (tax incl.) €1,281.00 (tax excl.)
No tax

  • 2x E27 fluorescent compact bulb in color IL
  • LED white light in color IL
  • LED RGB light
  • Without light in color GS
  • Without light in LV gloss color
  • Without light in special OS color
  • Without
  • 60 cm with sink
  • 60 cm with sink and tap
  • Without
  • Coctail station
  • Regregerator with engine
  • Refregerator with engine
  • Without
  • 1x 60 cm
  • 2x 60 cm
  • 3x 60 cm
  • NO
  • YES
  • NO
  • YES