Defense selfstanding sail
Self-supporting Defense is equipped with a sail that can rotate by 360° while wall-mounted Defense can rotate by about 90°. The sail can be rolled up or opened very quickly thanks to the motor integrated in the roller tube, and controlled manually or via remote control. The motorised version is equipped with an anemometer that triggers sail automatic closure in case of strong wind.Self-supporting or wall-mounted shading structure consisting of two sails wound on a horizontal bar supported by a shaped pole. Roller tube, Ø 65 x 2 mm, in anodised aluminium. Shaped pole, Ø 60 x 3 mm, supporting arms Ø 40 x 2 mm in stainless steel, cables Ø 3 mm and stainless steel tensioners.Dacron® sails, available in white, with sail cover* and cleaning kits for standard stainless steel.The opening can be manual (standard) or motor-driven.
Maestrale selfstanding sail
Freestanding shade sail with structure made of polished + electropolished + passivated stainless steel, manual or 230V 50 Hz motor-driven version, anemometer, radio control, sail in white Dacron®, radial cloth cuts, weight 400 sq. m and sail cover.Maestrale can have a square or rectangular shape with 90° angles.Optional: LED spotlight, electrical connections for motor/radio for LED spotlight, resin-bonded Tempotest® StarLight® sail in “not fire-retardant” or “fire-retardant” version, pole in satin-finished and electropolished version.LED spotlight: provided with 8,2 W, 230 V 50-60 Hz LED lamp, 4000°k natural light, lumen 800, and 4-m long electric cable. Made of silver-anodized aluminum alloy and applied to the pole with a polished stainless steel bracket allowing light orientation.