New fucntions for Eclipse:

Eye-catcher and shadow maker all in one. Already while designing it, creating shadow was not the Eclipse’s only goal. The Eclipse is a design object, with all of the trump cards of a functional umbrella. The large, elegant ring with its design shade sail offers a tempting, artistic spectacle and reviving shadow.

 The Eclipse trump cards:
- decorative design object
- striking cosmic shape
- unique showpiece


Architects Nicolas Verraver and Gauthier Desplanque began their design bureau, NG Design, from their existing architectural bureau, NG Architect.

NG Design expesses their passion for design, their love of everything that combines beauty and function, and their respect for the environment.

- The rotation support is included, which makes the Eclipse 360° rotatable.
- The ring can very easily be adjusted in height.
- The Eclipse canvas can simply be stored in a protective cover (included).

Projects in video format:

Eclipse round R300, Premium
roundaluminium ring – glass fibre inner ringmoves up & downprotection cover includedTo be installed on a solid surface or use options like the concrete anchorage, the base plate or one of the Umbrosa bases.dimension: R300 cmframe: anodized aluminiumfabric type:SOLIDIUMAcryl 250 gr/m2 / ColorRating 7/8 (max = 8) / Water repellentSUNBRELLAAcryl 260 gr/m2 / ColorRating 7/8 (max = 8) / Water repellent
Etna RGB LED light
Light is the heart of design. Without it there is no glow, style or texture.For the first time, Umbrosa has introduced light in its range. The Etna is a portable and multifunctional LED light, able to be adjusted in multiple colors to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. Not only is the Etna fixable to almost any outdoor structure, it is completely waterproof and can be used for atmospheric lighting in the swimming pool. Average duration is 8-10 hours and includes charger and remote control.    26,5 cm  20,9 cm  10,7 cm  1 kg
Mobile base
Concrete and lever to move the base included.dimensions: 80 x 80 x 8,5cmweight: 120 kgBase plate to be ordered extra for installation with duo or monoflex.
Concrete anchorage with plate
Concrete anchorage for rotation support.To install the pole in “soft” surface pouring concrete.