Maestrale selfstanding sail
Freestanding shade sail with structure made of polished + electropolished + passivated stainless steel, manual or 230V 50 Hz motor-driven version, anemometer, radio control, sail in white Dacron®, radial cloth cuts, weight 400 sq. m and sail cover.Maestrale can have a square or rectangular shape with 90° angles.Optional: LED spotlight, electrical connections for motor/radio for LED spotlight, resin-bonded Tempotest® StarLight® sail in “not fire-retardant” or “fire-retardant” version, pole in satin-finished and electropolished version.LED spotlight: provided with 8,2 W, 230 V 50-60 Hz LED lamp, 4000°k natural light, lumen 800, and 4-m long electric cable. Made of silver-anodized aluminum alloy and applied to the pole with a polished stainless steel bracket allowing light orientation.
R630 Pergomove 4,5 x 6 m
Maximal dimensions: width 4,5 m x projection 6 m with only 4 poles of 20 x 20 cm.Retractable and self-supporting bioclimatic pergola, made of aluminum, with a refined and innovative design.Perimeter water drain profile 20 x 21,5 cm, with integrated water collection in the uprights.Roof made of aluminum blades H4 x W22,5 cm packable from 0° to 69°, complete with gaskets and side water drainage gutters.According to blade orientation, the structure will offer total or partial protection from the sun, perfect air conditioning, and a safe shelter from the rain, becoming a space always enjoyable.Exclusive motor operation. The structure offers additional options, such as LED lights, capable of creating synergies between the new environment and the surrounding space, which generate new solutions always original and customizable.
R95 Stone 8 x 4,25 m
Maximum dimensions 8 m width x 4,25 m projection.Cassette awning, by registered design characterised by the “stone” effect, with aluminium arms and integrated lights. Great strenght and reduced dimensions are its main characteristics. Where possibile bolts and screws made of stainless steel. Painting by polyester powder in our factory performed following rigid qualitative standards. Micrometric regulation of the arms. Working by motor only. Working field of the arms from 5° to 45° at the horizontal.Weight recommended fabric max 480 gr/sqm.
R250 Pergowave 4 x 8 m
Maximal dimensions is 4 m width x 8 m projection with two poles of dimension 20 x 20 cm.Aluminium self-supporting structure manual working by rope.Mobile coverage realized in shading fireproof PVC, independent cloths.Sliding system on double aluminium rail of 8 x 13 cm.Possibility to create different shapes previous request and evaluation by our technical office for final realization and prices.
Sticks 30 x 60 cm
Design by Hsu-Li Teo & Stefan KaiserThis space divider is ideal for creating a feeling of privacy in a garden or on a balcony without losing the sense of freedom typical of open spaces. Use Sticks indoors to adapt the look of a room or office arrangement entirely to your own taste. With Sticks you can create your own space over and over again. You can also choose which and how many rods you use and create various degrees of transparency, color combinations or differences in length. Delivered with optional feet for delicate floors. Rubber can cause stains on delicate surfaces. We recommend to use the feet if placed indoors. Use a wooden base on carpet floor.The Sticks decorative room dividers already create a play of light and shadows by themselves. However, you can get truly astonishing light effects if you opt for bases with integrated LED lighting. These are available for indoor and outdoor use. In short, Sticks is the ideal tool for awakening your imagination!  30 cm     60 cm    5 cm
StableTable C, h70 cm, R90 or 70x70 cm
No more wobbly tables!material: powder coated steel with self-stabilising basePlace them on any uneven ground and they never wobble!53 x 53 cmmax. R 90 or 70 x 70 cm 70 cm 7,6 kgadjustable feet
Ingenua Triangle 90° sail, 4 x 5 x 6,4 m
dimension: 4 x 5 x 6,4 msurface: 7,35 m2fabric type: SOLIDIUMAcryl 250 gr/m2 / ColorRating 7/8 (max = 8) / Water repellentSUNBRELLAAcryl 260 gr/m2 / ColorRating 7/8 (max = 8) / Water repellent
Paraflex hexagonal umbrella, R 270 cm
hexagonaldimension: R270 cmframe: anodized aluminiumfabric type:SOLIDIUMAcryl 250 gr/m2 / ColorRating 7/8 (max = 8) / Water repellentSUNBRELLAAcryl 260 gr/m2 / ColorRating 7/8 (max = 8) / Water repellent
color options: natural 98material: PE (Polyethylene)Functional by day and scenographic by night, the lamps in this collection can be fitted with lighting kits that are guaranteed and certified for indoor and outdoor use. The finishing power and beauty of the light creates an exclusive and evocative atmosphere in any setting.
ICE light bar counter
color options: natural 98material: PE (Polyethylene)/aluminiumLinear elements are of different depths, providing greater work surface where it can be coffee machine or other similar device. The bottom part is designed for mounting elements such as refrigerator, ice maker or dishwasher. The distinctive faceted surface “covers” the joints between the modules allowing for uniform and consistent combinations. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, also available in light version. Equipped with a full range of bar accessories.124 cm   79 cm 115 cm
SOUL Series 2 juicer
The first Smart Juicer New Soul Series 2The most compact citrus juicer in the market, thanks to its innovative Conical System® for citrus squeezing
HEATSCOPE Vision black 1600W, IP44
protection: IP44 - protected against solid objects up to 1 mm³, protection against water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permittedpower: 1600W, 6,96Afront color: black fin front screenback color: titanbasic version: ON/OFF + two manual switchable power stages (100% or 50%)plus version: ON/OFF + three switchable power stages (100%, 80% or 50%) via IR- remote control18,4 cm  81 cm   9 cm 6,0 kg
Dooroty portal for disinfection and sanitation 0,35 L/min
Dooroty is a portal for the safe disinfection and sanitation of people entering public or private facilities. It is effective in the entrances of offices and factories, stadiums, shopping centers, discos, stations and airports. Thanks to its quiet operation, you can use Dooroty almost anywhere.
AirCleaner - Quick and easy work environment sanitization
Environmental disinfection is a very hot topic today. In fact, many customers and companies are looking for adequate solutions for environmental sanitation against COVID-19. More precisely we should say to prevention of COVID-19, which is the disease (acronym for Corona Virus Disease). And equally precisely we should talk about disinfection against Sars-CoV-2, which is the virus, of the coronavirus family, responsible for the infamous Covid-19 disease.However, the sanitation of the workplace is an obligation of the employer that has existed for years, according to the provisions of law 81/08 (and previously 626). In fact, in the presence of a biological risk, the employer is obliged to implement adequate prevention and protection measures.
Standard outside shower
Outdoor shower column with 300 mm showerhead:- for remote control,- with stop tap,- with mixer,- with mixer and handshower.EQUIPMENT- Column: inox steel Aisi 316, thickness 3 mm- Base flange: inox steel Aisi 316, thickness 5 mm- Floor fixation with threaded bars, nuts and washers, all in inox steel Aisi 316TECHNICAL INFOwater supply: depends of your selction of opening mechanismrecommended flow pressure: 1 ÷ 5 Bar standard water supply from floor connection: ½ "F