Connections to tighten with ogive. Without held in rubber or plastic, ideals to realize a very resistant line to the different sollicitations, also due to temperature. Ideals also for systems in which it is necessary to satisfy HACCP requirements.

Arches with 7 nozzles to be used in parks
includes: 7x 20 μm nozzlesmeasurements: 2,5 m (height)extension of the arm: 80 cmbasement: 200x200x5mminlet joint: 1/4"material: K033 stainless steel tube 48x2,6mmThe distance of the first nozzle holder is 80 cm from the ground, then they are fitted equally from each other.
Inox pipe 3 m bars with prefabricated nozzle holders
AISI304 pipe for high pressure. Straight bar to make perfect installations.
Max working pressure: 150 bar
Max pressure: 500 bar
Weight of the pipe: 180 g/m (full of water: +38 g/m)
Thermal stress: 1 mm each 100 m /°C
External diameter: 8 mm
Thickness: 1 mm
Ogive for INOX fittings
Spare for all fittings. Ogive must be replaced after being pressed (and deformed) the first time.
Inox and line cap
To put on standard nozzle holder, at the end of the line.
Inox L Joint
2 connections for inox pipe.