Paseo profile

Clear design
Paseo terrace profiles present a clear design, keep free of flourishes or embellishments. Both brushed surfaces have a typical, natural wood look.

Perfect for do-it-your-self
The simple fastening technique with installation clips allows any knowledgeable do-it-yourself-er to effortlessly install Paseo profiles. And like all Werzalit terrace floors, the profiles can be worked as easily as wood.

Natural character
The Paseo terrace profiles can be used with either side facing out and are available in two attractive surface types: 'fino' with fine grooves and 'medio' with large grooves and an overlaid fine fluting. The additional brushing enhances the non-slip properties – even when wet – and lends Paseo a typical wood character. This clear style is supported by the open longitudinal joints. Paseo profiles are dye-penetrated and lighten naturally under the influence of weathering, but without losing their basic colour character.

Invisibly yet solidly fastened
Approximately 20 installation clips per square metre are required for fastening. They are attached in a practically invisible way.

Perfect system, simple installation
The system is so well-designed that even a capable do-it-yourself-er can easily perform the required installation work. More detailed installation instructions, including care information, can always be found at or obtained from a specialized retailer in your area.

For fastening the subframework edge bars, required for installing terrace profiles.each set contains: 40 concrete screws 6 x 40 mm and bitmaterial: steel galvanised
Werzalit angle bracket
For fastening the sub-framework bars on roofs with low height.material: galvanised steel    4 cm   30,7 cm  4,2 cm
Werzalit oil for terrace protection
0,75 l (colourless).For maintenance of WERZALIT terrace surfaces. Freshens up the surface and acts to prevent soiling of heavily used floors.coverage: approx. 10 m2 (75ml/m2) for 1 coat,approx. 5 m2 (150 ml/m2) for 2 coats.Only apply to surfaces that have weathered for at least 1 year.
Werzalit terrace cleaner
WERZALIT terrace cleaner is a highly effective liquid cleaner for WERZALIT terrace flooring. It removes thoroughly darkcoloured soiling, spots and films resulting from trees, plants, etc. Residues due to environmental influences are also effectively and thoroughly removed. At the same time, it protects the surface against future soiling.coverage: 10 m2/bottle