For more professional systems. Ultraflexible multilayer tube. Thanks to the triple layer, it is more resistant to temperature, abrasion and chemical exposure than traditional naylon pipes.

Working pressure: 200 bar
Explosion pressure: 800 bar
Min. Curving beam: 45 mm
Max. Temperature: 60°C

To pressfitt the connections you have to use hydraulic pressfitting machine that generates the force of 50 kN.

Pressfitting machine

TEE for multilayer pipe
3 connectors for multilayer tube. TEE fitting removable and adjustable even after pressing. It makes dismantling and repositioning of the line easier, for example, at the end of season. To reposition the insert, grease or grease the o-ring to prevent damages.material: stainless steel AISI 304
Ear-ring to press for multilayer tubes
Ear-ring to Press for all the connections for multilayer tube. Compatible with all pressfitting fittings for multilayer pipe.material: stainless steel AISI 304