Terraza Tile

Square, practical
The square terraza terrace tiles offer an attractive alternative to profiles – especially as flooring on flat roofs.
The tiles can be laid in the same direction, in an alternating chequered pattern or offset by half tiles.

Terrace flooring with a practical dimension
A convenient size of approximately 45 cm x 45 cm and the clever click connection make the installation work go quickly. Covered fasteners ensure a professional, stylish look. terraza tiles also offer solutions in places where profiles are unsuitable.

Integrated drainage
The top side of the tile is slightly convex for direct drainage. This allows terraza tiles to be laid without an incline, in contrast to profiles. For instance, they are perfect for accessible, sealed flat roofs or structures for which fastening to the sub-structure with brackets is not possible – no fastening to the sub-structure is required.

Price for square meter.

Terraza tile
required quantity approx. 5,12 pcs./m2slip resistance according to DIN 51130 (work area with increased accident risk)Class R 12/V 10Slip resistance according to DIN 51097 (water-exposed barefoot area)Class C  (best slip resistance class) 45 cm   45 cm  3,8 cm3 kg/pc