Life Outside
For over 20 years TUUCI has designed outdoor lifestyle solutions. We create durable, beautiful, serviceable shade products to enhance outdoor commercial and hospitality environments or to improve time spent outdoors at home.

Vacation at Home
TUUCI parasols and cabanas can be found in shading resorts and boutique escapes worldwide. Bring a piece of that vacation ambiance home to the backyard with TUUCI products - customize finish, color, and accents to tailor the outdoor oasis to suit the most discerning eye or lean in our express ship program for guidance and expedited access.

Safe & Comfortable Space
Outdoor umbrellas define safe spaces and serve as a visual marker for open hospitality. Increase functional square footage, while carrying the comfort and design focus of the interior outdoor with elevated shade.

One Company, One Family

"This company is a collection of artists, craftsmen, and creative souls dedicated to the art of shade"


Ocean Master MAX Manta
The boundaries of shade architecture have been redefined with the Ocean Master MAX Manta parasol. Inspired from deep beneath the sea, the Manta MAX takes beautiful flight above any seascape. An open air living space has never known the tranquil comfort of this awesome and imaginative shade platform. Beauty and brawn harmonize in state-of-the-art, open ocean tested marine components. The Manta MAX delights the eye and shields the body with unparalleled durability.shape:squaredimensions:300 x 300 cm - 90 kg base425 x 425 cm - 180 kg base
Ocean Master MAX Classic
The Bay Master MAX Classic is flexible and lightweight, built to gracefully withstand the high winds, blazing sun, and corrosive salt air of coastal settings. Inherently resistant to rust and corrosion, the Bay Master MAX Classic is perfect for beach concessionaires, restaurants, and poolside settings.shape:squareoctagonrectangulardimensions:R275 cm - 90 kg baseR340 cm - 90 kg baseR400 cm - 127 kg baseR450 cm - 180 kg baseR520 cm - 180 kg base245 x 245 cm - 90 kg base300 x 300 cm - 90 kg base365 x 365 cm - 127 kg base425 x 425 cm - 180 kg base490 x 490 cm - 180 kg base245 x 365 cm - 90 kg base300 x 425 cm - 180 kg base365 x 490 cm - 180 kg base
Ocean Master MAX Classic Cantilever
The Ocean Master MAX Cantilever is simply art and engineering harmonizing in a symphony of shade. The polished and anodized marine grade canopy structure cantilevers from a sturdy, oval shaped mast inspired by sailing yachts. With the combined features of an ultra strong aluminum milled fulcrum and automatic telescoping mast, the canopy of this side post parasol easily closes over tables and chairs.shape:squareoctagonrectangulardimensions:R275 cm - 127 kg baseR340 cm - 180 kg baseR400 cm - 180 kg base245 x 245 cm - 127 kg base300 x 300 cm - 180 kg base365 x 365 cm - 180 kg base400 x 400 cm - 180 kg base245 x 365 cm - 180 kg base300 x 425 cm - 180 kg base
Ocean Master M1 Classic
shape:hexagonal or squaredimensions:R 260 cm - 41 kg base225 x 225 cm - 48 kg base