Café au Lä windscreen
Protection and comfort for your restaurant guestsCafé au Lä® is the easily adjustable windscreen for restaurant terraces. Guests can decide the height they want of the windscreen, whether they want to have an intimate atmosphere or want to be a part of what is going on outside.Made from aluminum, the standard design is equipped with laminated safety glass, both in the lower fixed part and in the height-adjustable part.Café au Lä® is available in several variants that all can be combined in the same installation. As a fixed railing, as height adjustable windscreen, with fixed overhead glass or as SPLITT for a complete glassed-in terrasse or balcony.Café au Lä® is tested for wind load and personal safety including heavy impacts by the SP – Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Café au Lä® is also CE marked according to EN 1090 and thereby approved for installation on balconies and terraces where there is a risk of falls and injuries.Open terrace or glassed-in restaurant? With Café au Lä® you can have both.
Roma windscreen

height: 150 / 180 cmstrdy aluminium structure: 5×5 cmtempered safety glass, thickness: 4 mmwidth: 35 cm, 69 cm, 102,5 cm, 200 cm or custom
G81 All-glass folding system 7 x 2,8 m
Maximum dimensions width 7 m x height 2,8 m.The new Made in Italy system with folding panoramic windows, with a minimal design with a “zero” impact on the architectural complex gives a panoramic view without vertical profiles between the panels.The only patented glass folding system in Italy with weight discharge to the ground, designed and produced by BT Glass, to create new living spaces with natural light all year round.It is the ideal solution to close spaces such as pergolas, winter gardens, terraces, balconies, and penthouses or to separate existing environments in hotels, restaurants, offices, or shops.It is an easy and quick system to assemble, as well as being extremely versatile thanks to the possibility of partial or total folding of the sliding panels.
G71 All-glass sliding system 6,2 x 2,5 m
Maximum dimensions width 6,2 m x height 2,5 m.G71 is our new sliding panoramic glass system without vertical profiles designed with an innovative system, completely Made in Italy, controlled, drawn and assembled by us.Thanks to the dragging system provided in the doors, when the first panel is opened, the rest of the doors also open and close automatically.This system adapts perfectly to different environmental situations such as winter gardens, balconies, terraces, space dividers, commercial galleries, etc. or it can be adapted to existing spaces by improving the ambient temperature, comfort and moments of pure relaxation.Ease and speed of installation without the need for masonry work is another key feature of our new sliding system.The G71 represents a valid alternative to the classic terrace closures while maintaining high quality, comfort and safety requirements.