Terraza profil

Naturally beautiful
terraza terrace profiles can be used with either side facing out. Both textures, fino with fine grooves and medio with wider fluting, are characterised by a very classic design and closed longitudinal joints.

Simply clever: Convenient installation!
The patented terraza profile click system guarantees easy installation with narrow or wide longitudinal joints, however you prefer. One unique feature: the longitudinal joints are closed! terraza profiles don't have open joints that allow dirt and food to fall down or weeds to grow up through the floor.

Stable and strong
With a load capacity of up to 500 kg/sqm, the click system also offers high stability for the surface, and the profiles permit wide support spacing of up to 600 mm.

Cena na kvadratni meter.

Terraza profile
Začetni in končni profil, je treba zmanjšati na dolžino na mestu vgradnje. Posebne dolžine (grobi rezi) so na voljo na zahtevo.površine:  Fino (fino z utori), Medio (s širšimi utori).2,85 kg/mlCijena na kvadratni meter.
79,46 €