TERM 2000 No Glare IP20 infracrveni grijač, 2x 650W

TERM 2000 No Glare IP20 infracrveni grijač, 2x 650W
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zaštita: IP20 - zaštićen od čvrstih objekata do 12 mm³, nije zaštićen od vode

boja: bijela ili crna
snaga: 2x650W
potrošnja: 6,0A
vrsta žarulje: bez svetlosti
prikljucni kabel: 3 m, običan Euro utičkač
napon: 230V/50Hz/1f
tip osigurača: C (spora)
nosač za montažu

Infrared tube heaters: NO GLARE 
The new infrared dark radiator heating generator of Burda WTG provides 100 percent heat without red light! 

Ceramic Heaters No Glare 
No GlareMit the new "NO GLARE" - dark radiators devices Burda WTG sets new standards for innovative infrared heater. Unlike conventional heaters can enjoy with the new tube heaters instant heat by infrared radiation without interfering light influences. Whether in the nursery, on the changing table, in the dark, in the party room or in other indoor spaces - our new NO GLARE-tube heaters offer the full heat output without disturbing red light effects. 

"NO GLARE" -Dunkelstrahler - the invisible infrared heat system 
Enjoy concentrated, freely adjustable heat by infrared radiation, which secretes no red light. For the new tube heaters we use high quality ceramic emitters which produce concentrated heat by infrared radiation without emitting light. The efficiency of the tube heaters will not be affected and you benefit from the same high and constant heat output of infrared radiant heaters from Burda WTG. 

Infrared Dunkestrahler of Burda WTG convince by: 
high efficiency 
low power consumption 
Heat radiation without red light effect 
eyesafe heat application, especially for young children and sensitive people 
existing ambient lights are not affected. 
TERM 2000 NO GLARE - the new infrared dark radiator with elegant design 
The dark radiator comes in the usual understated, modern Burda WTG design and compact, handy format. The TERM 2000 NO GLARE is available in the colors white and black and in the following types / wattages: 
Unidirectional (650 watts / 1000 watts) 
bidirectional (1,300 watts) 
and three units (1,950 watts). 
The tube heaters are mounted on the wall, for example as a heating element on the changing table or on the ceiling. Alternatively, the ceramic emitter can also be attached to a tripod and is therefore always flexible. For commissioning only a hausaltsübliche outlet is needed. 
1, 2 and 3-beam ceramic radiator 100% light reduction 
NO GLARE infrared heater convince through wholly-owned thermal power with one hundred percent light reduction. Whether in the restaurant or at home, the new tube heaters offer numerous application possibilities and are versatile in all indoor areas. 
Ask about our NO GLARE-infrared emitters from our top seller infrared heater series TERM 2000th

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