REMOTE CONTROL SENDER bidirektional Vario 5 Kanal, IP20

REMOTE CONTROL SENDER bidirektional Vario 5 Kanal
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protection: IP20 - protected against solid objects up to 12mm³, no protection against water

5 channel
color: white, silver, black
frequency: 867/868 MHz
To connect to any Burda dimmer.

12 cm   5,1 cm  2,6 cm

0,12 kg

A single-channel wireless remote controller (868.3 MHz) to control the remote dimmer.

The best Equipment
The broad range of tailor-made equipment offers intelligent solutions for application and fitting of Burdas wide infrared heater assortment. Dimmer, Timer and remote control are easy and effective for the optimal adjustability of individual heat requirement.

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