Motion sensor and temperature sensor for BH controller, IP65

Motion sensor and temperature sensor for BH controller, IP65
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protection: IP65 - totally protected against dust, protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted

kontrola moči: 0-4000W or 0-6000W, singlephase
color: white

  6 cm    9 cm    9 cm

0,1 kg

The waterproof soft-start motion sensor with integrated temperature sensor is specifically designed for the Burda radiant heaters range. The detector switches the heater not unnecessarily, but only if he perceives movements or when the outdoor temperature is lower than the set temperature inside the cabinet. This saves energy! Moreover, the soft start function prolongs the life of the heater lamps of up to 30%. The connected load is, as required, 0-4,000W (BPIR4) or 0-6,000W (BPIR6).

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The broad range of tailor-made equipment offers intelligent solutions for application and fitting of Burdas wide infrared heater assortment. Dimmer, Timer and remote control are easy and effective for the optimal adjustability of individual heat requirement.

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  • 4000 W
  • 6000 W