ATRIA pot with double wall

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This pots are synonymous with minimalist design, summed up beautifully by these pots and accessories, with their pure and simple lines. We then matched the clean profiles with a colour range for all tastes: from striking acid green and red to the more classic tones. This line is all about modernity, perfect for furnishing and enriching your best-loved spaces with harmony and elegance.

KIT for water reserve:
separator Ø20, Ø25 or Ø32 cm
supply shaft with water level gauge:  40, 47,5 or 57,5 cm
expanded clay 1, 2 or 3L
water reserve capacity: 1,3, 2,5 or 4L

€24.60 (tax incl.) €24.60 (tax excl.)
No tax

  • ø 34 x v28 cm
  • ø 44 x v36 cm
  • ø 54 x v44 cm
  • ø 64 x v52 cm
  • ø 74 x v61 cm

  • NO