PENELOPE light element

PENELOPE light element
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It is inspired to the classic world, but it stands out for its
avant-garde functional design, technology and features.

Penelope intends to astonish: for its sizes, for its design, for its functional features and for the finishings being available on glossy painted and oxidized.

 48 cm   38 cm  210 cm

Structure in Poleasy ® with excellent mechanical properties,
UV stabilized for outdoor applications.

It is 99% lacking of surface porosity.

Illuminate colors

Oxidized colors

€938.00 (tax incl.) €938.00 (tax excl.)
No tax

  • LED white light in color IL
  • LED RGB light
  • LED white light with battery and charger in color IL
  • Without light in special OS color

  • Without
  • YES