Misting system SCI KIT 6L/min with iControl and 120 nozzles

SCI KIT 6L/min with iControl and 120 nozzles
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KIT includes:

nozzles 20μm with antidrop: 120

distance nozzles: 100 cm

distance where the nozzles are: 120 m

distance from pump to the first nozzle: 20 m

stands for pipe: 120

total lenght of the pipe: 140 m

We suggest to add the Pump connection KIT and 1 μm Filter.

Pump features:

power: 1500W
pressure: 0- 100 bar
weight: 22 kg
dimensions: 481 x 242 x 196 mm
supply pressure: 1 - 2,5 bar

tension: 230V~ 50Hz

working temp: 0-50°C

IP Protection: IPX5

KIT futures:

iControl provides control over index calculated between temperature and humidity and with this automatic control over operation of the pump. Electronic control of the pressure does not start the pump when the water is missing. Timer.

Inlet solenoid valve stops the water when the pump is not working.

Outlet solenoid valve stops the pump when the pump can not reach the pressure provided and with this prevents water spillage.

Transmission with Joints and 4 ball bearings.

Ceramic pistons and brass head.

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