Fann NELTEMI with shutter and winter isolation

Fann NELTEMI with shutter and winter isolation
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Fan for Agriculture and Industry.

Line of realized industrial fans in stainless steel and with motoriductor in a position to developing remarkable air exchanges. These fans are supplied without nozzles in order to have the maximum flexibility. For example it is possible to install window fans and nozzles in line inside the room.

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  • 15.655 m3/h, 660 mm, Suggested water: 1 L/min, Power: 375 W
  • 18.633 m3/h, 790 mm, Suggested water: 1,2 L/min, Power: 375 W
  • 27.144 m3/h, 990 mm, Suggested water: 1,8 L/min, Power: 500 W
  • 41.306 m3/h, 1270 mm, Suggested water: 2,7 L/min, Power: 750 W
  • 72.411 m3/h, 1750 mm, Suggested water: 5 L/min, Power: 1500 W