Rechargeable battery flicker candles SET

Rechargeable battery flicker candles SET
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SET includes:
- 12 leds,
- remote controller,
- charging tray,
- cable.

charging time: 8h
running time: 12h

Sutable for all candles.
55 mm x R38 mm

Our Rechargeable LED flicker candles create the warmth and ambience of candlelight without the associated fire risk or mess of a real flame.

With remote controller you can switch on or off all the candles in the room, adjust the instensity of the light, select flicker or steady light or select the time of use (4 or 8 hours).

They are ideal for use in places where a naked flame is not appropriate but where ambient lighting remains important; such as cruise ships, historic properties, nursing homes, stadiums and universities.

Our flicker candles can be recharged and reused over and over again – each candle has a lifetime of approximately 6,000 hours! They use advanced wireless inductive technology for recharging, making them easier to use and more reliable than conventional conductive charging systems.

The LED in our flicker candle ensures very bright and consistent illumination throughout its lifetime.

Our warm white flicker candles are designed to be used in conjunction with our candle lamps. With our candle lamp surrounding the flicker candle the illusion of warm candlelight is complete, without all the problems of a real flame!

Why choose our rechargeable LED flicker candles?
Other brand's                         Our rechargeable
LED flicker candles                  LED flicker candles

No possibility of electric shock as there are no exposed conductors.

Easier to use
There is no tricky conductive pin to plug the Flicker Candle onto and press button is easier to operate.

More reliable
Recharging takes place via wireless inductive technology so, unlike conventional recharging systems, there are no conductive pins that may break.

Easier to maintain
The charging tray and each Flicker Candle are completely sealed and very easy to keep clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth when necessary.

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