Sombrano S+

R350, R400, 300x400, 300x300 or 350x350 cm

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Sombrano S+ umbrella
shape:round or squaredimensions:R 350 or R 400 cm300 x 300 cm, 300 x 400 cm, or 350 x 350 cmflounce:not availableProtective cover:included in the standard equipmentframe:8 rods made of natural anodized, with crank mechanism, (selflocking on both sides) and tilting rod for effortless tilting of the shade roof on both sides up to 54 degrees. The pole profile is oval 66 × 95 × 3 mm. M4 turnable ball-bearing base, powder-coated cast steel, is included.shade cover: self-tautening thanks to the flexible rod ends, available in materials:Class 2 (100 % polyester approx. 220 g/m²),Class 4 (100 % polyester approx. 250 g/m²),Class 5 (100 % polyacrylic approx. 300 g/m²).
Base M4, 120, 180 or 240 kg, galvanized steel
adjustable and levellableBase M4, 120 kg 91 cm   91 cm 15,5 cmBase M4, 180 or 240 kg 91 cm   91 cm 19,5 cmExtra wheels, (till max. 240 kg), Ø 5 cm, H = 5.5 cm, galvanised steelThe price does not contain concrete plates.
Etna RGB LED light
Light is the heart of design. Without it there is no glow, style or texture.For the first time, Umbrosa has introduced light in its range. The Etna is a portable and multifunctional LED light, able to be adjusted in multiple colors to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. Not only is the Etna fixable to almost any outdoor structure, it is completely waterproof and can be used for atmospheric lighting in the swimming pool. Average duration is 8-10 hours and includes charger and remote control.    26,5 cm  20,9 cm  10,7 cm  1 kg